About us

AiBlocks hires some of the world’s leading programmers, system architects, data scientists, system designers together with business people, creating a more integrated system for all. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of entities that integrate with each other to provide convenience to end-users.

The office is located in the United Kingdom with remote teams, working with us from major cities in the world.

About us


Our goal is to drive forward the plans to digitise currencies and physical assets for the year 2021. It is to completely transform the way people spend money and reduce the security risk of having physical assets. The vision we have will be supported by the main pillars as explained below.

Security & scalability

Ensuring AiBlocks is consistently usable, scalable and robust to adapt to current trends and future projects. Expanding network trust and further decentralisation, attracting new stakeholders and validators.

Establishing branding across the globe

Building a brand that is synonymous to the best blockchain technology can provide by engaging with people, institutions, developers, policymakers, businesses and governments.

Build, enhance and maintain

As part of efforts to ensure the blockchain has multiple usage, AiBlocks will contribute to the growth and sustainability by demonstrating the use cases of AiBlocks on various platforms.